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Meet Our SIF 2022 Cohorts

21 Fellows from 10 African countries

When Sahara Foundation set out to create a positive impact across Africa, identifying, supporting, and empowering social innovators generating innovative solutions that drives increased access to clean energy or promotes sustainable environments that results in measurable impact was the goal.

We are pleased to announce our SIF 2022 Cohort from Tanzania, Nigeria, South Sudan, Kenya, Zambia, Cameroon, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Malawi, and The Gambia.

About Ujana Hub

“Ujana” meaning “youth” in Swahili, is an initiative of the Sahara Foundation. The Ujana Hub www.ujanahub.com is a technology-driven convergence point for the youth to inspire innovation specifically in the areas of clean energy and sustainable environments. The hub aims to bring together various committed stakeholders through a platform that will promote cross-sectoral collaboration thereby creating and preserving wealth.

What we do

At the heart of Sahara’s business objectives, lies an unwavering commitment to promoting good corporate citizenship across the globe. This is achieved through Sahara Foundation – the vehicle for the Group’s Personal and Corporate Social Responsibility (PCSR) initiatives. Our activities at Sahara Foundation are aimed at empowering the communities where we operate in a sustainable, transparent and efficient manner. 

We drive activities around two focus areas – 1. Access to Clean Energy and 2. Sustainable Environments and provide platforms, mentorship and resources for youths in these fields to thrive and actively bring their ideas to life.

Sahara Technical Regenerator Program (STRP)

Sahara Foundation has opened a call for application for suitably qualified secondary school leavers and OND holders in Edo, Lagos and Rivers state to the Sahara Technical Regenerator Program (STERP). This is a strategic partnership between Sahara Foundation, the Energy Training Center (ETC) and the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN).

The program aims to build the expertise of the beneficiaries in two key technical areas:

  • Meter Installation – participants will develop competences in the installation of single and three phase meters in residential and small commercial premises.
  • Solar PV Installation – participants will be trained as installers and maintenance technicians for Solar PV installations for residences or small commercial locations.


We are working at building a community of youths across the globe who are interested in contributing to the development of the African continent. This is a platform where community members can interact on varying issues and opportunities. Registered members can contribute by starting a topic or responding to existing ones.
We will be hosting monthly webinars with subject matter experts which are targeted at equipping young people with skills, knowledge and resources across the continent.

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