2020 Africa Science Leadership Programme (ASLP) for Mid-career Academics


Deadline: December 20 2019

The ASLP is an initiative of the University of Pretoria in partnership with the Global Young Academy, funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung. It serves early- to mid-career researchers in basic and applied science, engineering, social sciences, arts, and the humanities. The programme aims to grow mid-career African academics in the areas of thought leadership, team development, engagement, and collaboration, with the intention of enabling them to solve the complex issues that face both Africa and the global community.


The leadership programme:

  1. Identifies early- to mid-career academics who have demonstrated leadership potential and an interest in developing key leadership skills
  2. Supports them to apply the acquired skills to projects that are relevant to the academic development on the continent and its impact on society
  3. Creates a network of academic leaders on the continent, spanning not only across countries but also across disciplinary boundaries
  4. Advances a curriculum for academic leadership development, which can be utilized in institutions in Africa and beyond.

There will be some costs, which are not covered by the programme, such as visas, vaccinations or local transport expenses, for which you may need to seek support from your local institution or fund personally. You will also be required to provide us with your personal travel insurance details as a condition of participation.


  1. A PhD degree or equivalent qualification;
  2. A faculty or a continuing research position at a research institution;
  3. Active in research and teaching at an African institution of higher education or research;
  4. A sustained record of outstanding scientific outputs;
  5. Interest in translating and communicating the results of their work for impact in society;
  6. Demonstrated leadership ability in research and beyond;
  7. Interest in the role of research in addressing complex issues affecting society;
  8. Interest in collaborations across disciplines and sectors (e.g. industry, government, etc.);
  9. Commitment to participate in all the activities of the fellowship; and
  10. Intent to share what is learned in the programme with their broader networks.


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