In the past years, the world has experienced an increase in global warming, the North Pole is melting and disasters due to these, have started occurring. It is well known that climate change and global warming is majorly due to release of carbon monoxide and fossil fuels into the atmosphere.

While it’s almost impossible to cut off every activity which results in the release, we can induce some simple habits in our everyday life that can help mitigate the alarming rate of global warming.

These simple ways to mitigate climate change includes:

+ Go Green +

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Personally, I feel every other thing falls under this. Reduce your waste; Reuse your shopping bags, plastic containers; Recycle your clothes, furniture, plastics.

+ Use Energy-Efficient appliances

+ Turn off your lights when not in use

+ Go solar

+ Look for and use renewable fuel options

+ Insulate your homes

+ Plant a tree

+ Start composting

+ Conserve energy and water

+ Avoid products with lots of packaging

+ Become part of the global warming community.

As you can see, it’s not that difficult to join the change train, fighting global change is not a job meant for only the Governments, and World Powers. Ironically, the greatest steps begin with you and me as individuals.

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