Transferrable skill is a two-word phrase often heard by most job seekers, but not many of us know the meaning. They are generally skills we ought to develop while seeking to be employed. Throughout one’s career, it is important to know what these skills are, and set targets to improve them.

Transferrable skills are referred to as those skills that are inherent in us and are useful in any industry we find ourselves in. They are often developed with time, and circumstances like a change of environment, school, or even the workplace. These skills make us unique and employable.

Irrespective of the fact that different jobs may require different types of transferrable skills, there are still certain skills that are required at all job levels.

Examples of such skills are: Communication, Organization, and planning, Adaptability, Teamwork, Initiative, Motivation, enthusiasm, and Flexibility

Why is it important to hone these skills?

With the pace at which the world is moving, the importance of transferrable skills in our career cannot be over-emphasized.

Transferrable skills increase our chances of being employed as employers are in search of people with multiple skills and can easily use whichever skills would be required in the company.

People with multiple transferrable skills are known for multitasking. These unique characteristics make them fit into any job position making people like these sought after by employers

Most employees may lack experience in a certain field but possession of skills like motivation, adaptability, ready to learn new things could make an employee employ someone.

Reason being that someone that possesses these skills could easily learn new things and quickly fit into the desired position.

It is important to acquire transferable skills because they are skills that stay a lifetime with us throughout our careers. No matter how in and out we are out of jobs, these skills remain with us. Another good thing about the skills is that the more experience you gain, the more skills you develop

In a nutshell, acquisition of these transferrable skills increase employability status.

However, in as much as it is advised to develop these skills, it is important to know when and how to use these skills. Proper knowledge of these skills can boost one’s self-esteem. A boosted self-esteem makes you know what you’re worth.

Identify the skills you lack, develop them and watch how you become an asset to companies.

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