Sahara Foundation STEAMERs Program

Sahara Foundation in partnership with STEM café conceptualized the “catch them young and curious” Sahara STEAMERs programme  in 2021.

The Sahara STEAMERs Programme is a school-based science and innovation Fellowship for secondary school students in Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda. The programme aims to raise 150 smart technologists with creative confidence, deep understanding of embedded systems, additive manufacturing, and practical experience in using human centered design in creating sustainable solutions to business and social problems across Nigeria, Kenya, & Uganda.

Digitalization and globalization have sparked radical shifts in how we live and work. The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has further accelerated this and young people and those with low skills are those at highest risk. The STEAMERs programme was born out of the need to raise a new generation of innovative changemakers with creative confidence and lifelong interest in leveraging technology to create solutions to challenges in their communities.

The programme has already kicked off with 100 participants selected from Igbobi college Lagos, Oshodi Junior High school Lagos, St Nicholas school Kenya and the Olympic school, Kenya.

3 boys doing simple light circuit practicals

Simple light circuit practical session held at Igbobi Boys College.


girl presenting to a class of students

STEAMERs program held at the Olympic School, Kenya

The Sahara STEAMers programme adopts a blended learning approach which will culminate in participants working in small groups to create practical solutions to social and business challenges around them.

To this end, the learners will participate in three demonstration sessions with the top ideas from each country contesting in a grand demo session alongside winners from all participating countries (Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda). The winning ideas from the demo sessions will also receive further support on product development, distribution, and partnership as well as access to funding.


5 students on nosemask

Visit to the STEM Cafe with the Oshodi Junior high school STEAMERs


STEAMERs program introductory session at St Nicholas school, Kenya

The Sahara STEAMERs programme is part of Sahara Foundation’s commitment to supporting young people by creating platforms that provide an enabling environment for their development while promoting access to clean energy and promoting sustainable environments.

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