Make Recycling fun too for the family

Recycling is an activity you can get your whole family excited about, especially the children. It is that fun activity you do and in the same breath you get to positively impact the environment. 


Introducing your kids to recycling at an early age is a great way  to teach them about sustainability and its importance to the environment. It also helps to create responsible adults making better choices to protect and preserve the environment. 


Everyone has a role to play to take care of the environment. So, why not adopt recycling today.  Beyond the positive benefits to the environment, it is also a  great way to create great memories with the kids and help shape them into environmentally conscious adults. 

Here are 5  exciting ways to make recycling fun for children


  1. Make it into a game:  Every child loves games, you can get your kids to put on some gloves and help separate the waste into different categories, this can be recyclables and non-recyclables. They can also go further to count how much recyclables the home produces in a month, while the older children can do a multiplication game to work out how much recyclables is produced in the home in a year. This can also be written in a more creative way on cardboard paper.


  1. Create Fun Projects: Your kids can recreate useful items they can use at home or in school with waste gathered from the home. Waste such as newspapers,  books, empty cans and broken toys can be reused to make something. In festive seasons such as Christmas or Easter, the children can gift these items to friends and family members. This will help keep the kids creatively engaged for hours 


  1. Give Rewards : You can assign your kids to help monitor the recycling process in the home. Let them take charge of constantly checking to ensure that waste is correctly sorted regularly at home. Your younger kids can sort while the older kids can help ensure the recyclables are taken out for recycling. Give rewards to the kids who carry out their recycling duties effectively.
  2. Creatively decorate the home with recyclables:  Let the kids see the beauty these recyclables can add to their rooms and home by creatively using their recycling projects to decorate their rooms while using numbers and cardboards too.
  3. Read and Teach them:  Find fun books about recycling and read to the kids regularly so they understand the importance of recycling.


Remember, recycling is a big deal. By teaching your kids to take an active role in reducing your household waste, you’re contributing to a greener and safer future. 


So, make the choice today to adopt recycling as a family. Recycling as a family makes us partakers of something bigger than us – we’re saving the planet.

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