Ways to Promote Sustainabilty at your workplace


With so much of our lives spent at our place of work, recycling in the workplace as a culture, if encouraged, can impact our society positively.


Here are 4 way to promote sustainability at your workplace


  1. Reduce electricity Consumption:  Save energy by turning off the lights when  not in use, Be it at home or a workplace, saving energy always helps not only your bills but the environment as well as the continuous usage of machinery and lights is diminishing sustainability. After working hours it is important to turn off the lights before you leave.
  2. Introduce the use of Solar Energy:  In order to build a sustainable workplace, you can start by using solar energy as it is One of the cleanest forms we can harness . Adopting the use of solar energy will reduce the impact that we have made towards driving climate change. 
  3. Encourage more paperless opportunities:  Paper documents and filing cabinets have been the way to organize information in an office, business, or at home for decades but this is not the best option as for every paper used, Millions of trees are cut down to cover our needs. Introduce the use of electronic document management. It saves you the cost of using paper daily and helps you get access to your files instantly, with the click of a mouse.
  4. Water conservation:  It is important that while at work, you and other employees should practice water conservation by using water efficiently to reduce unnecessary water usage.   You can also install low-flowing showerheads  to curb the excessive use of water  and inform your employees about how there are policies and incentives so that water management is  effectively practiced in the workplace.


Consistently identifying ways to promote sustainability in the workplace can improve employee morale and engagement.  It can also help position your organization as a leader and driver of sustainability in the society. 

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